LG G Vista – Release Date And Full Phone Specifications

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LG G Vista, LG VS880, LG G Pro 2 Lite full phone specifications


The much anticipated LG G Vista, that has been on the news quite lately, the latest new baby from LG's range of mobile phones, is expected to come with a 5.7-inch 720p display, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, along side Adreno 305 GPU. The Flagship is equipped with A 1.5GB of RAM, good internal storage space up to 8GB. That is not just it, the LG G Vista comes aboard a 32GB capacity MicroSD slot to quench your hunger for more memory.  The "LG G Vista will go on sale through Verizon starting on Friday 18 2014," according to @evleaks:

LG G Vista Release Date and price

Full detailed list of the LG G Vista specifications:

Design type:
Smart phone

Physical size:
5.7 inches
720 x 1280 pixels
Pixel density:
258 ppi
Touch screen:

Primary camera:
8 megapixels
Front-facing camera:
Yes; 1.3 megapixels

System chipset:
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Quad core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7
Graphics processor:
Adreno 305
System memory:
1.536 GB RAM
Built-in storage:
8 GB
Storage expansion:
microSD, microSDHC up to 32 GB

3200 mAh

Music player:
Filtered by: Album, Artist, Playlists
Album art cover, Background playback
Earpiece, Loudspeaker
YouTube player:

Built-in online services support:
YouTube (upload), Picasa/
Light sensor, Proximity sensor
This device is also known as LG VS880, LG G Pro 2 Lite. As of the time of this publication, we can’t guaranteed the price tag for this device, we will keep you update with price after the scheduled released date.

                       Image courtesy of @evlesks

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Sony PS4 Review – a Great game console for early adopters

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The PlayStation 4 officially abbreviated as the ( Sony PS4 ) is the fourth generation of Sony's line of Video Game Consoles. The device came up with major updates over its predecessor and is considered as the next leap into gaming technology. The Sony PS4's computing system is based on a custom chip with eight x86-64 cores and a unimaginable 1.843 teraflops GPU, making it the most powerful game console to date. With the PlayStation 4, Sony has developed a gaming ecosystem that focuses on social and cloud gaming. Play Station 4 has been widely successful and sold a million copies within 24 hours of its launch becoming the fastest selling game console in history. According to most PlayStation 4 Console reviews this is the best play station to date.
Sony PS4 Console  
The SONY PS4 is the best gaming device for connected gaming with speed, power, innovative screen play and intelligent customization. The deeply integrated social and cloud services develops a healthy gaming environment that no else platform offers. PlayStation combines immersive gaming experiences and unmatchable multimedia capabilities, which makes it a perfect digital media device. PlayStation 4 offers amazing remote functionalities, you can manage and play games on your Sony PS4 with the PlayStation App on iOS and Android and the PS vita over WIFI.

Hardware & Performance:

The PlayStation 4 packs its power under a compact and elegant case. The case is just 2 inches high, 11 inches wide and 12 inches deep and weighs not more than 8 pounds. The low profile angular aesthetics are very appealing and eye catching. The front angle elevation of Sony PS4 hides two USB 3.0 slots, a 6x Blu-ray Drive and touch sensitive power and eject buttons. The top of the PlayStation 4 gives off a 1/3 glossy and 2/3 matte black finish. Between the contrasting finishes lies a multicolor led that displays standby and power on/off status. A standard power connector along with the HDMI slots, Ethernet port, optical audio port is placed at back of the case, which is usual for a PlayStation. The Sony PS4 comes with two power-on/off modes when it's not being used. It can either be put in a standby mode or turned completely off. According to most PlayStation 4 Console reviews the device comes with the best design for a console to date.
The outer body of the Sony PS4 might be beautiful, but the real beauty lies within. The PlayStation 4 packs a magnificent "Jaguar" x86-64 eight-core processing Unit. A 1.84 Tera FLOP AMD Radeon GPU powers the graphics with 8 GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 unified system memory . These are monsters specifications for any computing device and makes the Sony PS4 the most powerful gaming device ever. Like the PS3, it comes with a user replaceable 500 GB hard disk, either a sata port or a SSD.
The Sony PS4 focuses on social and cloud play and that cannot be possible without a wireless 802.11 b/g/n protocol. It also supports Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The PlayStation 4 comes with poor compatibility and won't connect with any Bluetooth supported accessory such as a keyboard or a mouse and not even the PS3 controllers. The compatibility could be later enhanced by firmware upgrades from SONY.
The standard PlayStation 4 controller got upgrade to the "DUALSHOCK 4" with the Sony PS4. The wireless controller is again beautifully engineered with similar controls like the previous version, but are enhanced to be more user-friendly. The traditional analog sticks and the trigger buttons now offer even greater control. The innovative capacitive touchpad opens up endless possibilities for more intuitive game plays.
Most PlayStation 4 Console reviews question the game play on Sony PS4, but nearly all games benefited from PlayStation 4's updated graphics and processing power and there is noticeable bump in each and every game. Thanks to the Dual Shock 4 the way you control games has been made even more exciting. Each game available on Sony PS4 game has been redesigned according to new features, but platform games tend to work better than the cross platform games on console.


The PlayStation 4 comes with a lot of new features. According to our PlayStation 4 review these features make it stand out.


PlayStation 4's new slick interface is a beauty. The previous cross-media bar has evolved into a Dynamic menu, which is simple & user-friendly yet intuitive. The two horizontal rows displays your achievements like Trophies, last games you have played, replays as well as settings, web access and other functionalities. The interface on the Sony PS4 is great for a game console.

Entertainment Options:

Like any modern device the Sony PS4 offers streaming services such a Netflix, Hulu Plus, red Box and HBO. Surprisingly YouTube is excluded, but you can always access it via browser. Sony's own streaming platform the Sony Music and Sony Video are also supported and they stand out among all offered services. The PlayStation 4 interface will recommend stuff from only Sony stores based on your recent streaming history. The Sony stores now offer music and videos to be downloaded to your hard drive, a feature which the system previously lacked. We love how the Music app can play music during playing your games. Sony has also pledged to start a streaming TV service by the end of this year. The entertainment offered is brilliant for a game console. PlayStation 4 Console reviews criticize the need of paying for a membership, but this is ordinary for all such services.

Blu-ray player:

The device comes with an excellent Blu-ray player however, we were surprised at lack of support for old school DVDs and CDs on the Sony PS4.

Shared Game Play:

Social Game play has never been the same before on a game console. With the Sony PS4 you can engage in personal challenges with your friends and family and share your victories and achievements and challenge people to cross the milestones set by you. All this is possible by simply clicking the share button. The PlayStation 4 will record your game play achievement and upload it on its online portal.

Remote Integration:

PlayStation 4 offers amazing Remote connectivity. You can manage and control your PlayStation profile and settings from the Mobile app available for iOS and Android. You can even stream content to your Smartphone or tablet. Further you can connect a PS Vita to your Sony PS4 game console as a backup controller and it would work without a display too thanks to Ps vita's on board screen. The setup is very easy and simple but hte performance depends on your internet connection. The only things that sucks about this is its limited capability, would only work on your home network.

Online and media service:

This is an area where Sony has worked on the most. The PlayStation Network makes up a huge portion of PlayStation 4's functionality. The PlayStation Plus Subscriptions can be carried over from PS3 to PS4. The subscriptions are now required for multiplayer gaming. The subscription holders would also get free automated updates to games along with 1GB of Cloud Game saves and discounted products throughout Sony Platform and stores. A PS Plus member can log onto any Sony PS4 and just start playing his games where he left from and listen to his music and watch movies by just logging in his account in any Sony PS4 console. A member can log onto 16 Sony PS4 game consoles at a time. You can control your PlayStation account through the mobile app while your console lies at home with content ready for you.


Our PlayStation 4 Console review concludes that the SONY PS4 is a reinforced model of the already perfect PS3. The updates made by Sony however, are crucial keeping in mind the importance of social and cloud computing today. With these updates SONY has fended off competition from likes of Microsoft's Xbox, which only dominated in streaming services and online portal. With the PlayStation 4, Sony is retaining its dominance in the game console industry for long.


The SONY PlayStation 4 comes at $399.00, which is quite a modest price for such a game console. The device costs $100 less than its Xbox rival and delivers more than it should for your money. The PlayStation Plus service costs $50 per year however, if you are an early adopter you would get a discounted membership and on top of that a lot of free content.

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Why I Decided to Move to

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To my faithful blog readers,  whom has been wonderful, kind and patient  with their email, text messages and calls  during the time of  this sudden development,  I  owe you a detailed explanation of what transpired within those days of silence  at mediachirps.  By this post, I promised to take you along to clarify everything for your understanding.  I'm using this post as a privilege to sincerely apologize for the days you were not able to access the blog, due to the 404 errors from our domain host – Godadday.

Why moved to

After  a week and half  of  sudden muteness and abstinence from updating this blog,  I guess is time to let the cat out of the bag by officially announcing to you that, I moved to about a week ago and I have reasons of which I will be explaining later on this post.  My redirected domain  – mediachirps, is barely  a year and half, and I'm changing it to another domain; guess you could be pondering why I abandoned a domain name after gathering with it, loads of  backlinks, domain authority, and what about PageRank? Rome was built and can also be destroyed and rebuild again, even with a better features than the formal.

Let's set the record straight why I migrated my dear mediachirps to (My new baby) After three and half years or so of my blogging career, I thought is time for me to set a pace and come up with something better to grace my name on the cycle of Nigerian tech and tutorial bloggers, and the world at large. The reasons I abandoned mediachirps:

No relevant Keyword on the domain name

Whether there's any important or not to have keyword in domain name, to me,  sounds more like an entertainment blog, and has no tech / blogging related stuffs in it.   A domain name with relevant keyword gives a possible visitor an idea of what the site is all about. For example, when you run a Google search for tech or blogging related topics… and mediachirps and minitechblog show up, am sure you'll go for the later and not the formal, reason,  the domain name has the topics you were searching.

I can't maintain two tech blogs

Minitechblog and mediachirps are two related blogs; it's going to burn me up updating two similar blog with my tight schedules. I don't want to keep my blog readers hungry of hot topics, reviews and the latest tech tips, to combine these two blogs was the last option.

To connect with my blogging passion-Tech Enthusiast

I want to connect with my passion of blogging, I appreciate technology a lot, I could have verge into entertainment and celebrity blogging that, will be a difficult task considering the fact am not good and talent at gossiping.  Minitechblog will henceforth continue to update you with tech new, mobile, gaming and in-depth reviews.

What's new?

Mediatechblog now has a new look with SEO optimized custom designed both on PC and mobiles views. The template is made up of some of my favorite colors – the black, ash and orange at the header design, and a touch of blues and lilac colors at the sidebar. More of ash color combinations are placed in a sequence at the footer design. Apart from the new design, my developer and I will be adding more new features to the site-community or Gadget ratting session… we'll keep you update whenever new features are added to the site.

Don't be reluctant to make your verdict known to us

The truth is that it was never an easy one to let go of mediachirps , if only I can eat my cake and have it; that will not be possible, “the did is done” and I've got to move on and channel my energies to building a brand and a lasting reputation. What do you really think that's lacking on our new site? You feel there's something missing or a bug? You can send me email via Contact form

Thanks for being a reader of this blog, I appreciate you even more to have taken time to read through this piece. Believe me, you're wonderful, without you, this blog will mean nothing.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review - Specification and Pricing

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Microsoft has recently come up with it third generation of surface tablet with the aim of replacing tablets and laptops by a single device. Their progress throughout each generation has been gradual but have they perfected their cause with their latest installment? Lets find out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review - Specification and Pricing


The Surface Pro 3 resembles Surface 2 rather than the previous surface pros which runs the Windows RT. The traditional carbon black casing by Microsoft has been ditched in favor of a more playful Silver, although the chassis is still made of Sturdy Magnesium alloy. The edges are smoothened  in other to make the device easier to hold. Not just the Pro 3 looks like the Surface 2, it is just as light and as thin although Surface 2 is a traditional tablet where as a Surface Pro is a Ultrabook without a keyboard. This is remarkable. Microsoft has also claimed it is the thinnest device bearing a i7 processor. Most Ultrabooks in market weigh over  3pound where as the surface weighs no more than 1.76 pounds with a keyboard which i s even lesser than a 11 inch Macbook. 
The Pro 3 is marginally bigger than its predecessors with a 12 inch screen. Despite the  increase in size, the device comes with same selection of ports. A power button on on top of landscape edge, mini display port, USB 3.0 port, a volume rocker and a headphone jack. At the bottom is the magnetic port which connect it to a removable keyboard. There is also a micro Sd card slots which supports up to 128gb of memory. The Camera has been updated to 5 megapixels. The device would be powered by a 4th generation Intel® Core™i3, i5 or i7 and would give 9 hours of battery backup.


The pro 3 comes with both touch screen and keyboard inputs but this time Microsoft also introduced the surface pen ; an active digitizer made by N-trig. N-trig's pen is  engineered  to work like  la proper ink-based pen and it does feel like it. The screen provides  just enough friction that the pen really gives of a natural feel when writing or drawing which is excellent. The pen comes with some tricks up its sleeve and will power in the screen when you hover it over the device. You can also open a user friendly quick menu by pressing the button on top of the pen. 
So far there is only one keyboard option for the Pro 3 and that is the back lit one. The Keyboard is rather flimsy  and is nowhere near to sturdy or comfortable and does cause a lot of typos The keys are also merged together unlike the regular chiclet style and it's very easy to hit the wrong key. The Surface Pro 3's keyboard also bring a touch pad for mouse controls s the Windows 8.1 update made the OS very mouse friendly. The touch pad is very responsive although miles behind what we see on a premium Ultrabook or a Mac book..
The Surface tablets have always had jubilant displays, and so does the PRO 3. It features a 12 inch display with an amazing 2160*1440 IPS panel with such sharp texts that you cannot see a pixel. Colors are very well balanced and viewing angles are good. The visibility is sunlight is also great. IT comes with one of best display in market.


The Surface Pro 3's price really depends on your configurations. It  can  either cost a lot or not much at all.  The least configuration you can get is a is processor with 64 gb of storage priced at $799. The next step up is a Core i5 configuration with 128GB of storage; that'll sell for $999. The premium models feature two Core i7 models: one with 256GB of storage and the other with 512GB. Those will cost you $1,549 and $1,949, respectively.
Whatever model you pick you would have to buy the essential keyboard separately and it would cost around $130.  Without he keyboard you cannot substitute your ultra book with the PRO 3. This might be a huge disadvantage for the product in the market when compared to other products of the same category. The keyboard is too expensive for its flimsy structure.


Microsoft is gradually learning its trade in mobile computing and tablet industry and this update is one of the best of recent years. However they have still not fulfilled their cause of substituting tablet and ultra book by  a single device and their devices still has many usability flaws. For us Keyboard is the biggest problem. this time around.  The optional key board provides a subpar typing experience and the track pad is very frustrating too. Moreover its not included in the box and has to be bought for a mighty $130 separately. However despite the increased size and proportions the Surface PRO 3 is great to use as a tablet. the thin and light design is very pleasing.  If Microsoft just figures out the Keyboard problem this might become the best computing device available on market.
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Why Does A Website Need SEO

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SEO  means to improve and promote a website to increase number of pages visits from search engines and activity on your social accounts.  There are many factors to SEO on your page from the words you use to how they are linked up to search engines and how they create a relationship with different links on web. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. SEO is simply a manner in which your web page is structured to  make search engines understand it better.

Why Does A Website Need SEO
  • The question that arises now is why does a website need SEO? Nowadays a big part of  traffic on web is driven by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although There might be other means of marketing your page such as the social media but Search Engines play a major stake in generating traffic to your web page. Search Engines are primary source of navigation and help on internet and most people rely on them to find stuff on internet. Hence more easily the search engine can scan your webpage the more traffic you get.
  • The best thing about Search Engines is that they target your content in a way that only people looking for you or your genre of webpage would be directed towards you. Target visitors are of immense value and provide revenue. publicity and generate business like no other means. If your webpage is ignored by a Search engine you would miss big opportunities to shine while others would be blooming. Like the legend says a Search Engine can make or break your page and success. Optimizing your page making it search engine friendly can be of great benefit for anyone.
  • Search engines might be smart but they too cannot perform without help. All these top search engines work towards improving technology to infiltrate each and every corner of web and to fetch any information they could to help students better. However technology has its limits and so does search engines. If your content is not made to stand out that is not Search Engine  optimized (SEO), your page might be buried deep down in a dark corner of internet beyond the reach of any search engine. Or even if the engine detects your content it would give you low rankings and display you on second or third pages of search results, like the myth says you can hide a dead body on second page of search result and nobody would ever find out.
  • Internet today has become very competitive and web pages that  perform SEO achieve a decisive advantage in customers and visitors.
 The SEO world is  complex but most people might be able to understand basics by looking into it. A little dedication and hard work and take you all the way through and make a big difference for your webpage .
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