Leaning How To Get Traffic To a Celebrity Gossip Blog in 7 Easy Steps

There are certain growing numbers of celebrity gossip blogs on the Internet, only just a few finds their ways into the top 10 list on Google search engine result, or other numerous search engines. The fortunate ones have that exceptional cartel of creativity, personality and a touch of the unanticipated.
Drive Traffic to Celebrity Gossip Blog

So, if you're ready in leaning how to get traffic to your celebrity gossip blog and stand out in a crowd? Brilliant you've landed at the right place.
Getting noticed or ranking high a gossip blog on search engines could be a bit challenging, considering the numbers of  blog on the internet,  and new ones yet to be launched. But, with these 7 easy steps, you all be well on your way to getting noticed and drive massive traffic to your celebrity gossip blog. If you are ready, search the internet for juiciest gossip,  then create your blog or website, apply the report presented below, and see your blog skyrocket to success:

Try to post several times a day- Part of having a successful blog is getting a readership that keeps coming back. Updating a celebrity gossip blog often, if possible 3 to 5 or more every day, won't be a bad idea in a fast-paced world like entertainment and celebrity, you need to be updating throughout the day to keep your readers coming back after a while, which invariably becomes part of their daily routine. Every day, you should have something new to offer to your readers, and do that more, breaking news,  rumors and most likely, be ready to trade places your competitors fears to; Linda Ikeji's blog top-secret. With this, your readers will keep coming back as if their life's depends on it.

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Attach Yourself to it- This is key to success for of my favorite celebrities gossip blogger. There are a million company running celebrity gossip sites, but if you attach your personality to it, and people like your personality, your blog will take off. People like to see the person behind the blog there are reading,  for accountability purpose,  and not just some sorts of hid-behind the screen game,  show off who you are and what you're made-up of,. as most of the celebrity bloggers are such much afraid of using their real names, or uploading their pictures images, that makes you look unrealistic to the person visiting your blog for the first time, and I doubt it if he will revisit again.

Picture galleries- The biggest traffic drivers for celebrity gossip sites are photos. People love to click through photos of celebrities doing everything from walking the red carpet to getting their morning Starbucks.
Create pages with the celebrity name,  and make the pages SEO friendly, with pictures of said celebrity. This will drive in search engine traffic for people searching for that celebrity. If one of them does something newsworthy your pages will likely come up well in search engine.

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Be accessible- If you're still yet to leverage on this, you most be missing a lot as a celebrity gossip blogger. Set up an email account for your blog where readers can easily send you breaking news, stories and tips. This helps make the site interactive for the readers. It allows you to use your readers as news sources,  and make your job less stressful.

Respond to comments from your blog readers- I will clearly state it, "most big time celebrity gossip bloggers finds it difficult responding to comments from their readers,, Responding to comments is a great way to get people engaged in your blog, to start a discussion and argument in the comments section. I don't know about anyone else, I feel bad and less important if comments on blog gets no attention.
Make your site shareable- make each individual pages shareable via Facebook, twitter. The easier it is shared, the more wide spread it goes. There are a lot of people on twitter who love posting stories about their favorite celebrities, befriend them and give them stuff to re-tweet. The same goes with Facebook.  Though building followers could take a little while, only you persevere.

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Don't forget social media bookmarking sites- A celebrity blog, social media bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit etc, are hotspots for celebrity gossip. Building a reputation on these sites, you can get followers and possibly "blow up" some stories that will get you thousands of traffic hits in a day. Just be careful and make sure to post other celebrity blogs, don't be a spammer who post their own links alone or people will ignore you, or worse yet you can be banned.

I think by properly putting together the above tips and ideas, you could have a hit. It could take months or more to get good results at the beginning,  but once you do you all have all the traffic you need on your celebrity gossip blog with very little paid advertisement campaign. Don't give up too quickly. What is your views on this?
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