How to Upgrade 32k MTN SIM Card to 128k- Alternative to Fix Slow Internet Connection

A SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is like a ultra-micro-mini computers with a processor and storage space. This storage is very small because it serves a very basic functions. Similar to HDD of a Computer System,  it has a different type of  "partitions" for different kind of "applications". The bigger size the more applications can be fit into.
The SIM card has evolved since its release in 1991 by Giesecke & Devrient, a company that made the first commercially available SIM cards. The storage memory of a SIM card ranges from 16k 32k 64k most recently to 128k, with differences in 3G functionality and support.

Before now, I thought the SIM card memory storage has nothing to do with the mobile download/broadband speed, even to the extend of arguing with a friend that "1k memory is more than enough to store all the configuration settings and string modules of a SIM card". But, reverse was the case.

Lately, I found out I was having a problem with the 3G functionality of my 32k MTN SIM card. The internet speed was very slow compared to that of 128k SIM cards, Even while am on a 3G enabled area.

Because of my numerous online engagements, i needed more high speed internet data connection, it becomes so unbearable which made me to complain at one of the MTN customer service centers across the states of Nigerian, after that I got to know I could upgrade 32k MTN SIM card to 128k as an alternative to fix slow internet connection.

If you had recently purchased any of the prepaid SIM card from MTN Nigeria, you might have noticed the memory storage at the back of the SIM is not more than 32k. This storage space affects the 3G support and connectivity of the SIM card, 

The benefits of upgrading 32k MTN SIM card to 128k includes:-

- Better 3G support, fast internet connection and more space for numbers.
- Capacity and speed
- Dedicated application for 3G functionality.
- HSDPA up to 3mbps and lots more.

You can upgrade 32k MTN SIM card to 128k by simply retrieving your line. You can do this in few step:-

- Walk into any of the MTN customer service centers or MTN trade partners and request for welcome back pack.
- You must have a valid means of identification; National ID card, Drivers license, International Passport or School ID.
- A token of five hundred and fifty naira ( 550)
- Fill the form correctly with the details on your ID.
-Waite for KYC  ( Know Your Customer ) necessities.
Congratulations, you now have a new prepaid dynamic MTN SIM card with memory storage of 128k ready to use in few hours time.

With 128k SIM, you can now experience a high speed 3G internet connection on your laptops and mobile devices. I spotted these difference between 32k and 128k MTN SIM cards, after I have retrieved one of my lost Sim. as I am sure most of you might have noticed this as well, but could not sought out a possible solution to it.

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