7 Links to Shorten your Links and Customize Social Stats Tracking

URLs or links shortening services are nothing new to any heavy internet user, while most of the average internet users are still yet to recognize these services and how to use its potentials. As to making a very lengthy URLs looks more manageable is the impetus of these services.

Indeed, is important we shorten the links we share in order to save space

and also make it less offending to the viewers. Links with a very long URLs are prone to increase the bounce rate at which one can click on the links, even though they may contain valuable information to the potential viewer.

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Taking a very lengthy and annoying web links (affiliate marking, referral links or blog page URL, for example) and shortening them down to a more reasonable size,
simply copy the URL into the required field at the web site of any URL shortening services of your choice, "hit enter" and there you go, you will get a shorter version of the previous  links.

Urls Shortening Services

Most of these services allows you to edit and customize your links, which make them look more appealing. These shortened links can be easily shared via Email messages or IM without the URLs breaking. This service comes very handy, when posting links to micro-publishing tools like twitter, where you are limited with 140 characters per tweets. Literally, there are over hundreds of this link shortening services one can find out there, but we've decided to break it down to 10 most used ones in undiscriminating order:
  • Arguably, the most used service out there. Bitly allows you to shorten, edit and customize links you create. With bitly, you can get stats for all the links you created. Also, keep track number of clicks from Facebook, Google+ and twitter.
About Bitly;
"bitly is the easiest and most fun way to save, share and discover links from around  the web. We call these links bitmarks, and you can use bitly to remember, curate and share them. Bitly is available via our website, browser extensions, mobile web, and numerous third-party tools integrated with our open public API. bitly also powers more than 10,000 custom short URLs and offers an enterprise analytics platform that helps web publishers and brands grow their social media traffic.
  •  AdFly: Why not earn money from every visitor that click your link.  AdFly-the URL shortening service that pays for clicks on your shortened URLs. It also features custom edit of link you created.
  • Profoundly used on twitter. Though, can as well-used on other web sites outside twitter.
  • As a decent alternative for URL shortening service, it can shortens, customize and keep track your link.
  • Google URL Shortener: Most definitely, the list wouldn't have been completed without the URL shortening services of Google; "the indomitable giant on the internet." You can check them out Google URL shortening service here
  • Yahoo! URL Shortener: Yahoo of recent, acquired a URL shortening service from bread, am sure they wouldn't want to miss out on the list of URL shortening service., takes a lengthy URLs and shorten them to be more manageable and convenient to share via any medium.
And the list continues. These are not the list, but the most used URL shortening service on the internet, of which I know there some other URL shortening services out there. Bring them to our notice by using the comment box below.
Image courtesy: Idea go at freedigitalphotos
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