Top 5 Killer Ways to Generate Low Cost Blog Traffic

There is only one rule of Making Money from a blog site: A steady flows of traffic. If you own a blog, and no one visits the site, it hardly bares a chance of generating income. Many bloggers have tried and failed doing so, which results to the blog dismiss from the internet. Blog traffic is the back-bone behind many successful bloggers out there.

It takes money to maintain an income generating blog site; it also take money to maintain money. Low cost blog traffic has been one the secrete and the reasons why my few months old blog, which is yet to hit the lime-light depends on. Want to know how?

Ways to Generate Low Cost Blog Traffic

Have you ever wondered how big-hits blog site drive top traffic to their sites? most of them invest huge sums in several advertisement campaign and numerous other forms of marketing schemes. Though, this is worth while, because it makes them what they are now "Big Hitting Blog Sites."

Yes; you don't have to do this, if you really don't have their resources. there are many ways to generate low cost blog traffics without having to spend all you have, or can't afford. Many bloggers have banked on high cost method of blog traffic and ended up biting their fingers over it.

Here i present to you the Top Five killer Ways to Generate Low Cost Blog Traffic that could help your site a whole lot. Though, you might have heard of other methods of blog traffics: these tips keeps my blog going viral with traffics even while am on a break from blogging.

#1: Fresh And Fascinating. Content 

The key is to have fresh top quality content on your blog: Both useful and interesting content is very vital to keep the search engines hungry of your blog site. If your blog content is rubbish then, no one will read it, and no one will share or promote it. If your content does add value to the lives of the blog readers, your visitors will be too pleased to share it with their friends, family members and colleagues. This processes could help make your blog go viral.

Topical content is good, but major success comes in blogging only when you are unique with your articles and keeps update with the latest on the trends. By staying ahead of the game (blogging), I mean you should learn how to create fascinating content on a style and subject that is not too common.

 #2: Blog Commenting

If  you really want to focus on viral traffic, visit high pageranks dofolow blogs and drop a quality comments on the blog after reading their posts. This is very important, if you visit a blog site and the articles sounds interesting, of course you can drop a high quality comment expressing your views and observations of what the blogger wrote. Blog commenting is one of the top ways to command visitors to your blog.

This method is proven more active if you are the type that writes 50+ quality content in your comments and not just "thanks it helps" or so, this is not what I called "outstanding and attractive blog comment," most active blog comment readers will most likely click on the names of comment authors' with epic and outstanding comments. Please, this practice shouldn't be seen as an exploit to spam on a site in name of building back-links.

#3: Join Online Communities and create Threads in Forums

Forums and online communities are great source of generating low cost traffic to your blog. With helpful and meaningful tips in a thread, you're effeminately going to command viral traffics to your blog site. One of my hot tips is; "create threads in forums like you are writing a guest posts. Threads with short content and less attractive titles are prone to command less attentions."

Nairaland and Warrior forum, are one of the forum sites to join and add a catchy keywords along side your blog URL while creating profile signature. Things to avoid while doing this are: spamming and adding self promotional links to your threads, else you all be banned; more also avoid copying content from your blog, it does no good to your blog than inviting the Google ninja. 

#4: Join Some Active Groups on Facebook

While am sure social media isn't a new deal to any blogger. Rarely would you see a blog site where there no links to any social media sites. Facebook groups are one of the active ways of generating low cost blog traffics. By joining groups on Facebook, you're definitely going to drive traffics to your blog, helps get your blog site exposed to other bloggers who could help review your blog designs and layout. Some groups don't accept links to your blog, while  others accepts links posting and comment exchange. As a blogger, I recommend you get involved with some active groups on Facebook.

#5: Exchange Links

In today's blogging, rarely would you see a blog site without links to other blogs. Many WebMasters are willing to trade links with one another in order to make their sites gain more public awareness. Links exchange boost your chances of getting a high ranking in search engines results. It is a common knowledge that search engines ranks high on blog sites that has inbound and outbound topic-relate links. With a good ranking position in search engines, you will generate more traffic in your blog without the high cost.

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The easier tips you can implement to get links exchange with other high rank sites of your blog related niches, is to write about their blogs or sites on your blog, and contact the owners using their sites contact form: informing them of the post, most of them will be too pleased to share it on their sites with a link back to your blog. Simple, isn't it? Why not give it a try.


These are not the list, but my Top 5 tips you can lay your hands-on, and jump start viral traffics down to your blog sites. These are killer ways I have implemented so far on this blog, and I have definitely doubled my blog traffics. Now all you have to do is to put the above listed tips into effects and watch as your blog traffic boast. *wink*

While am sure i might have omitted some other surefire ways of generating low cost blog traffic, is over to you now to share your one cents and lets us know any other ways of low cost blog traffic. You can share them with us, see you on my next post.

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