5 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

A lot has changed since the launch of web 2.0 and its upgrade to web 3.0, Making money online is getting a lot more easier and free unlike before that you have to go through the process of having to own a blog, business oriented websites or forums. The beauty of it is that you don't really need previous experience related to online business, when you are trying to make money online at the first time. You can lean the ropes as you go and there are some skills that you will need to teach yourself or pick up along the way, as to make your online business successful.

Here, we are going to discuss categorically 5 proven ways to make money online. These processes can be achieved with little or no initial experience in internet business. Website, Blog and forum owners likewise regular Internet surfers will as well benefit much from these tips and start making money monthly from the Internet. You can make money by:

#1. By Becoming a "YouTube Star"

Making money from YouTube is very easy and simply. As matter of fact, you don't really have to become an actor or celebrity to be lucky enough to get a good gig before you can be called a "YouTube star". But now, with the Internet anyone can become a celebrity overnight. You can start making live video coverage of any events, create tutorials on your Computer and upload to YouTube and get paid monthly from ads sharing revenues provided by Google AdSense. YouTube videos don't need to be highly produced, but they do need to be finished in HD quality and have a minimum of editing done. Making money from YouTube is very easy and less stressful. You can as well upload other people's video that has no copyright infringement.

#2. By Freelancing Your Talents: Web Design, Brochure and Graphic Design.

If you are talented and creative in these fields, then there is no cost to alarm, you can capitalize on those talents of yours like; Graphic,Web and Brochure Designs. There are plenty of people out there who needs these services and can't do it their self, they are your targeted customers you can make good fortunes from. Having your own website or blog site is almost essential if you are to look professional. Otherwise, there are several reputable websites which allow buyers to link up with service providers. Fiverr and Odesk are few of such freelancing marketplace you can sign up with to get your first job.

#3. By Domain Name and website flipping.

I will recommend this to people with little experience in making money online, website building, backlink and effective website traffic building. You can easily buy a good and catchy domain name create simply website with it, send some good amount of traffic to it and sale it off later on. Time and efforts are required to make money from website flipping though it pays off at last. You can get a good bargains on domain and website flipping at

#4. By Writing Articles.

Make money online writing articles is very lucrative. You can write what you speak and add the keywords. Companies like Forbes, and yahoo answers needs content creators, you can write articles for them and make a good bucks. Website,blog and forum owners requires article content writers to flood their sites with articles and are ready to pay you base on your agreement with them.

#5. By Publishing Advertisement.

If you own a blog, website or forum, you can earn money online by offering advert placement to individuals and companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Chitika etc, you can as well partner with other revenue sharing websites if you can't afford getting websites or blog.

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With my best experience on the Internet and make money online ideas, I can assure you that, "No Business is build overnight" but making money online is one of those business that can really build into a stream of income if you persevere.
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